Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 27th October 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 27th October 2017

English & French Jerusalem Artichokes are very good this time of year, they’re very versatile, though most people just puree or roast them. The Political elections and the horrendous rain in Kenya is having both a supply and quality problem on Fine Beans, Sugar Snaps & Mange-Toute and we expect prices to rise. Next week will be the last week for Dutch Peppers & Aubergines as we switch to Spanish. We have started on buying Spanish Lettuces now as the English comes to an end and again expect prices to initially rise, especially the Cos Lettuce. We’re still buying English Lollo & Oakleaf  though, but that could change at any time soon. Cherry Tomatoes-on-Vine remain dear but regular Cherry Tomatoes have eased. Fresh Chinese Chestnuts are now plentiful and peeled Vac-Pac Chestnuts are available too.  All Wild Mushrooms seem plentiful and quality is good. English Broccoli & Cauliflowers are still very good quality and prices are very reasonable.

The switch to Southern Hemisphere Grapes has seen a big jump in the price of grapes, there is still some good Italian Black Grape available but that is getting less by the day. Dutch Rhubarb is very expensive, so best avoided. There’s plenty of large good quality Kaki/Sharon fruit and Pomegranates available. English Spartan, Royal Gala & Braeburn Apples are all very good, so too is the English Conference Pears. The supply of Pineapples seem to have tightened up but prices still remain about the same. The Plum of choice at the moment is the Italian Angeleno which is a very dark skinned, crisp plum but still sweet and tasty. All Berries remain pricey and Strawberries are creeping up daily. Oranges remain dear and Limes are getting shorter and prices have jumped up. Easy Peeling Okitsu Satsumas are getting better now as the sweetness and price is improving as time goes on.


Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 20th October 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 13th October 2017


Not a very eventful week on the market…… Kenyan French Beans are very reasonable this week and the Top & Tail are really good. Romanesque Cauliflowers have been plentiful so prices are realistic and worth buying. As we change over from Dutch produce to Spanish there are a few overstocks, so some prices should ease. So we expect Aubergines & Courgettes to be lower next week, Red & Yellow Peppers too are a little easier. English Black Cabbage (Cavalo Nero) is very good quality. English Broccoli is still going good but will end soon and prices are reasonable. Red Chillies are expensive at the moment but Green Chillies are OK. We’ve moved over to French Celeriac as they are much bigger and quality is goo. The selection of Wild Mushrooms are good at the moment. Obviously there’s plenty of good Pumpkins & Squashes available. Cherry Tomatoes & Cherry Tomatoes on Vine are still expensive, but French Airloom Tomatoes are reasonable.

English Braeburn Apples & Conference Pears are now flowing onto the market. English Cox’s & Russet Apples are available too. Spanish Satsumas are a little greener in skin colour this year due to the warm weather earlier in the year but the taste is not affected and they eat just as well. Seasonal fruit such as Pomegranate’s, Fresh  Cranberries & Chestnuts are all plentiful. Still no easing in the price of Kiwi & Grapes have jumped in price as we are now sourcing them from South American countries. Lemons & Medium Oranges remain dear and Large Oranges are really dear! None of the Berries are particularly cheap and the Blackberries are actually quite expensive and rumour has it that Strawberries are going to be quite short for the coming month? Most Melons are all coming from Brazil right now so they’re not the cheapest. There are some lovely Black Figs from France but they are a little on the small side and are dearer than the Turkish.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 13th October 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 13th October 2017

Pumkins & Squashes Galore…….. There is a great selection of Pumpkins & Squashes: Onion, Turban, Iron Bark, Kabocha, Acorn, to name but a few that are around right now and are a must for your menu. English Cauliflowers, Broccoli & Leeks are all reasonable this week. Brussels, Brussel Tops and Brussels on the stalk are all selling well. English Purple Sprouting Broccoli is good quality although although more expensive than regular Broccoli. Green Courgettes are still a little pricey but Yellow Courgettes are twice the price. There seems to be plenty of Asparagus about but prices don’t reflect this? Mange-Toute & Sugar Snaps in in short supply so they’re up in price this week. The washed Cornish Mid Potatoes are very good at the moment and we’ll stick with them for now.

Tomatoes in general are quite expensive at the moment but Cherry, Chery Vine & Plum Tomatoes are really short and prices are quite high. We’re expecting the English Cos & Iceberg Lettuce to end soon and Lollo & Oakleaf soon afterwards. Fennel & Orange Peppers have eased from the recent high prices.

We’re buying ‘Okitsu’ Satsumas at present for our easy peeler, its not ideal as they are a little tart but the few other varieties available all seem to have waste in them. Italian William Pears are still about the best pear around until we can get a consistent English one. Only Dutch Indoor Rhubarb is available and it is a bit pricey. There are some Chilean Cherries around but they’re not good enough. Apricots are not available either. All the Soft Berries are a little on the dear side and Strawberries are up and down on a daily basis. Kiwi prices still hasn’t eased as we’d have hoped? Turkish Figs are still good, but coming to an end.


Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 28th October 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – October 28th 2016

With Halloween this weekend, Pumpkins have been selling well but for flavour we suggest the French Iron Bark Pumpkins, the regular UK Pumpkin is tasteless compared to them. All the English Cabbages are very good at the moment, we have Savoy, Hispi, Primo & Spring Greens. English Leeks are getting better value, so too is the Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

Spanish produce is becoming more plentiful so that means the Peppers & Aubergines are easing in price. Now that the Spanish Chillies are arriving, the prices should ease. The Spanish Courgettes are still good value but they are expected to jump in price as volumes decrease, we also recommend avoiding Yellow Courgettes as prices are extortionate. The smaller English Onion crop this year has kept prices higher so the price premium to the Spanish Onions is not much so we may move over to them as the quality is better.

Beef & Plum Vine Tomatoes prices are much higher, but Cherry Tomatoes are coming down. English Cos Lettuce has jumped up in price and the quality of English Iceberg Lettuce is not as good, it won’t be long until we switch to Spanish. Spanish Cucumbers are reasonable.

Spanish Satsumas have commenced and the quality is good, Spanish Clementines with Leaf have also started. Oranges continue to be a problem and prices are at an all time high. Dutch Rhubarb is expensive at the moment, so to are Kumquats. There are no Cherries, Apricots & Litchis available at the moment. Although there are still some Peaches & Nectarines available the quality is very poor and are best avoided. Pomegranates are very good and we can also get fresh prepared de-seeded Pomegranate seeds in 1kg bags (call for prices). Mangoes are dearer as the only good ones are the Air Freight ones. Strawberries are expensive at present and all the Berries are on the dear side.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 7th October 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – October 7th 2016

You name it there’s probably a Pumpkin/Squash named after it… Acorn, Harlequin, Turks Turban, Kermite, Wee-be-Little, Munchkin to name but a few! There is always an abundance on the market in October and they vary in taste and texture unlike the English Marrows that’s also available but lacks the punch of it’s cousins and hence is no longer favoured. The French Chestnuts are the first to hit the market and they are very good and large but unfortunately so is the price tag. The Globe Artichokes from France are very good too but they have gone up this week. English Broccoli has been reasonable over the last couple of weeks but prices have risen sharply now, English Cauliflower is increasing too on the back of it. Courgettes are nearing the end of their glut and prices will rise as we go from feast to famine in availability. English Runner beans are almost to their end now. Tomatoes in general have risen in price, but none more so than Plum-on-Vine Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes are dearer this week too. We have some nice Orange Baby Plum Tomatoes in Punnets at the moment from Cambridge and their not much more in price than the regular ones and they eat well too. There are some lovely sweet English Romero Peppers available, so I would take advantage of them.

Once a year we’re treated to small shipments of the infamous Bergamot Orange (see pic) these lemony looking gems (unrelated to the herb, Bergamot) have the most amazing fragrance in their skin and grown predominately in Calabria in Southern Italy. Not grown for its flesh, though it is edible, but the value is in the essence extracted from the aromatic skin of this sour fruit. There is quite a lot of Kaki Fruit and Pomegranates around at the moment so they’re both reasonable. Regular Oranges of all sizes are pricey at present. With the arrival of more Mexican Limes the price has tumbled back to a more sensible place, Spanish Lemons are more abundant too so prices are stabilising. All the Berries are up in price and we’re slowly moving over to Spanish Raspberries as the English end. There are a few more varieties of Easy Peelers coming to market, once we’ve tasted and tried them, then weeded out the best, we’ll change over.