Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 23rd June 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  23rd June 2017

The recent mini heatwave is not all good news for English growers in particular Broccoli and Strawberry growers as when the temperature gets too hot the plants shut down to conserve energy and this cuts their ability to crop well. So we may see a hike in prices over the next couple of weeks? That said the quality at the moment is great. We now have English Runner Beans available. English Savoy/Hispi/ Primo are all good quality too. Red Romero Peppers from the Lea valley are very good and show how our farmers are getting very versatile and innovative in trying to expand on their portfolio of products, which can only be good in the long term with the uncertainty of what will happen post Brexit. English Carrots are now new season so the flavour and quality is much better. All the English Lettuces are stunning and there are some Red Little Gem around too. There seems to be a surplus of Mid Potatoes around at present so before we get onto the English new crop we have some stunning ones arriving from Israel next week that are good price too. Also with last years main crop still in stock and the early cropping of this years crop we envisage that Jacket Potatoes will not hike in price next month as per previous years. Avocado’s & Heirloom Tomatoes are getting tighter due to supply and demand so expect prices to creep up. For those who have asked, Lemon Balm & Lemon Verbena is readily available most days.

In times gone by we had to wait for English Blueberries to come from Devon a little later in the season, but even though Blueberries only grow on certain soils we’re seeing much more of them grown now and as a consequence there are some delightful ones from Wye Valley around. Citrus Fruits are getting very costly, Lemons have been dear for a while now and look to stay that way for a while and Oranges have joined them now. Easy Peelers are also very short and continue to remain expensive. Best stone fruits at the moment are Apricots, Peaches (flat or round), Nectarines & Cherries. Plums are still a bit of a problem, but we have a dark skin variety called ‘Early King’ that eat well albeit a slightly tough skin and come from Portugal. Pink Lady Apples are ridiculously expensive so we’re sending out ‘Kanzi’ instead, their very similar but much better value. All Spanish Melons are getting more plentiful by the day and there will be some good prices next month.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 16th June 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  16th June 2017

We’re likely to get the hottest weekend of the year so far and it has to be the best time to enjoy the best of our British fruits and there’s none better than English Strawberries. They are just fantastic at the moment and loving the sun as much as we are. English Raspberries are eating very well too and all this sunshine will bring on the English Blackberries & Gooseberries  too as there’s only been a few available to date. There’s quite a selection of Cherries available from all over Europe, prices are very reasonable and there’s some white varieties too. Plums & Satsumas are still not the greatest, but Peaches, Nectarines & Apricots are all good. Spanish Water, Galia, Honeydew & Canteloups Melons are increasing in volume and prices are easing.

Jersey Mids & Ware Potatoes are probably as cheap as their going to get and their earthy taste is lovely just washed and boiled. Early New Crop Scraping Potatoes are also very good, it will be some time before we get main crop to replace the old crop. We’ve now switched to French Carrots while we wait until the English new crop start again. The Tender Stem Broccoli from Oakley Farms in Cambridgeshire is stonkingly great. English Savoy is starting to make an appearance but until they are bigger, we’ll stick to the Portuguese. Still no Iron Bark Pumpkins so any ordered are being replaced with Crown Prince. The Wild Mushroom selection is still sparse with Girolles & Chanterelles as the main choice. All the English Lettuces are tip top so too are the English Artichokes. We’re still waiting for the English Runner Beans to start but there are some English Marrows arrived. Aubergines have gone up in price as availability have eased up.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 9th June 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  9th June 2017

The English Broccoli season is upon us now and this superb vegetable is not only enjoyed cooked but also Raw, when eaten this way it is a great source vitamin C and vitamin K. Raw broccoli contains moderate amounts of several B vitamins and the dietary mineral ‘Manganese’. Broccoli also has a low content of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and dietary fibre. English Summer Cauliflower are the main crop at the moment, they do tend to be smaller than usual but are reasonably priced. We’re still having to buy Portuguese Savoy Cabbage due to no English available, but we have some lovely English Hispi and Spring Greens. Onions are generally good overall but the Egyptian Red Onion is good value at present. Dutch Aubergines & Peppers have jumped in price and this is being blamed on poor weather on the continent. Tomatoes & Courgettes remain the same though. French Jerusalem Artichokes are expensive as there is very little English available. They are smaller than the French but the English Globe ‘Chokes’ are much better value than the French. We’re still hanging in there with UK Carrots (currently Scottish) but we could switch at any time to the dearer French/Spanish if the quality drops. English Asparagus is all but over and we will be predominately buying Mexican/Peruvian Asparagus from now on.

Potatoes are the annual gripe of most Chefs this time of year. It’s often overlooked that the usual Old Crop Potatoes used for frying/mashing & roasting are up to TEN MONTHS OLD! So don’t be surprised that they cook differently. They may have been kept in cold storage but during that time all the starch is slowly turning into sugar in anticipation of producing shoots in the spring, hence they burn much quicker and do not remain crispy. So until late July/early August they will be hit and miss and there will be a premium to pay for the best ones.

We’re having a short term problem with Melons at present, particularly Water & Honeydew Melons that are both in short supply and expensive. We’ve been dutifully informed that the problem should be fine later next week and we may even have a glut shortly afterwards! There are Cherries about but not many that are great quality, so the prices haven’t eased as we’d of expected by now. The same can be said for Peaches & Nectarines too. Blueberries are quite plentiful so prices are good, so too are English Strawberries. Redcurrants remain dear, so please avoid. South African Forelle Pears are good at the moment and are our pear of choice at the moment. Pink Lady Apples are very expensive and not worth their current price.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 2nd June 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  2nd June 2017

This week and next is probably the best weeks for picking Elderberry flowers. The flowers are sweet, honey-scented clusters of white that when used fresh, make deliciously sweet cordials and liqueur – the famous and globally known of which is probably St Germain’s, it is available in most good supermarkets and is great added to some Fizz to have with your BBQ.
According to the company’s website, the picked flowers are bicycled to a collection depot (yep, bicycled) where they are immediately macerated to preserve the fresh flavours of the bloom. Extracting the flavours of this flower is not an easy process, and the Saint Germain company keeps theirs a family secret.

We are getting sporadic supplies of Elder flowers now so give us a call to order yours if you’ve no time to pick your own.


June is such a plentiful month for English Produce and none better than the Baby Vegetables that are coming through from various farms in the Home Counties, there is some great Baby Heritage varieties too. English Jerusalem Artichokes have re-started, all the English Lettuces are great, so too is Spring Greens, Baby Bok Choi, Broad Beans, Celery, Peas, Baby Spinach & Rocket. Spanish Broccoli is ending so we’ll probably switch to English this week. Courgettes still remain a good buy and English Cauliflowers will be cheaper next week. English Cornish Washed Mids are great so if you don’t mind paying a little more then these are a must. Spanish Tenderstem Broccoli is great but not the cheapest. Lemon Balm & Lemon Verbena are now available.

Our Norfolk Asparagus grower informs us the he intends to stop cutting around the 15th of this month and this is in line with most other growers, this is a little earlier than normal due to the season starting earlier. The reason they can be so precise is that they know they can only cut for about 6-8 weeks, after that the plant has to mature into ferns so as to put energy back into the ‘Crowns’ for next years crop. Quite unexpectedly Iron Bark Pumpkins have become non-existent so are not available at the moment. The Wild Mushroom selection is still poor but the Girolles are quite good.

All the berries – Blueberries, Raspberries & Strawberries are reasonable at the moment (except Redcurrants).  Spanish Plums are slowly getting more plentiful, they look great but are still very ‘tart’. Lemons & Grapefruits remain dear and Limes are creeping up too. We’re in a little lull regarding Spanish Honeydew & Water Melons, supplies are very short as we finish from the north and await the start of the south so prices have jumped up this week. There are some great Cherries around arriving from all over Europe so we expect the prices to tumble soon. The expected glut of Peaches & Nectarines has not happened yet so prices are much the same. Apricots are still great and totally recommended.




Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 19th May 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  19th May 2017

It seems to be the norm these days that everything is available all year round and give or take it, it normally is – albeit you will pay more for it at some stage or other. But being available is not meaning its always the best all the time, so it is refreshing when you have produce that is in its prime and right now the Italian Cantaloupe Melons we have in stock are just that- PERFECT. Their nectarous taste is second to none and is a must buy at the moment.

In fact all the Melons are pretty good right now that we’ve moved away from South America Melons completely. French Apricots eat very well too and there are some Fresh French Almonds available, still green and whole. Spanish Peaches & Nectarines are more plentiful and great quality, there are some Flat varieties around but their not good enough yet so stick to the round ones for now. English Strawberries are appearing in small quantities and as their forced, their a bit fragile and over priced at the moment. Blueberries are reasonable still.

A first for me today was a new berry called Bananaberry, needless to say it has taste reminiscent of banana trapped in a mini white strawberry! It joins the other new hybrid cross breeds like Pineberries, Strasberries & Bubbleberry, they also tell me there is a Peachberry available soon too. Please note though that these berries are not cheap and you may need to pre-order them. Elsewhere on the market we have seen the expected seasonal jump in price of Lemons and Kiwi that happens about this time each year.

The recent rain has been a big relief for farmers so expect even more English Produce to arrive in it’s droves now. The first of this seasons Broad Beans were welcomed and are a great addition to any Spring Menu. As already mentioned last week all English Lettuces are excellent, so too are English Tomatoes & Cucumbers. We have some lovely English Purple Globe Artichokes that have the benefit of being organic too. I cannot fail to mention English Asparagus due to it’s short season and again a product in it’s prime right now. Wild Mushrooms are still thin on the ground, there have been some Girolles & Cepes available but quality is poor. Cauliflowers remain dear and there are few Orange around but no Purple. Broccoli, Peppers & Aubergines are much the same as last week.


Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 12th May 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  12th May 2017

The English Salad Season is well away now and most salads are all home grown now. We’re predominately getting all our salads: Lollo Rosso/Biando, Oakleaf, Iceberg, Little Gem, Cos and Mixed Baby Leaf from L. J. Betts in Kent as they’re quality is excellent and prices are good. We’ll also be on English Parsley & Coriander by next week. Tomatoes are about the same but there seems to be a lot of Cherry Toms-on-Vine around so they may be a good buy come Monday.  All Dutch Peppers are a little dearer this week, so to are Courgettes & Aubergines. Cauliflowers remain expensive but Spanish Brocolli is still a good price. English Asparagus has been dearer for the last week or so but as the weather has warmed up it should reflect on the supply and on easing the price. The best value ‘Grass’ (as the market traders call it) is the 5kg boxes of loose ‘Choice’ size. English Purple & White Asparagus is almost non existent though. The Wild Mushroom selection is very poor at the moment but there are a few small Eastern European Girolle around. English Jerusalem Artichokes are coming to an end and then we’ll switch to French

Spanish Peaches & Nectarines are improving in size and eating quality all the time so now’s a good time to start these. We’ve switched the ‘easy peeler’ to Peruvian Satsumas as the quality is better. Spanish Cherries are getting more plentiful by the day and are very good, prices are reasonable too. Spanish Apricots are available too. The Italian Cantaloupe Melons are excellent and eat very well. Strawberries are now Belgium in 500g punnets as the Spanish quality is waning. Blueberries remain good value but Redcurrants remain very expensive. The only Mangoes worth buying at the moment are the Air Freight ones from The Ivory Coast and they are a bit on the dear side.


Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 5th May 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  5th May 2017

The recent cold snap and frosts has given some English Produce a hiccup in supply. None less than English Asparagus, volumes are down and prices are creeping up, it should only be for a couple of weeks or sooner if the weather warms up. English Coriander has been affected too but there is still plenty around from other sources. English Curly Kale is great at the moment, this versatile vegetable has grown in popularity over recent years as it is seen as a super food by many but also overrated by some. Either way is it very popular and versatile. The English Cauliflower crop has gone from feast to famine and we’re having to import more to meet demand and this has driven prices higher. Spanish Broccoli & Courgettes remain good value and the Belgian Leeks at present are very good. Mange-Toute & Sugar Snaps remain dear. Jersey Royal Potatoes have come down in price as there is more available. The choice of Wild Mushrooms is still very limited.

In our quest to stock primarily English produce we expect to receive the first of the English Iceberg next week with Lollo & Oakleaf to follow soon after. We are already on English Cos, Little Gem, Pousse & Round Lettuce. Plum Tomatoes are more plentiful so prices will ease next week. Also, it’s good to see the Avocado price continues to drop a bit further this week too. Young Nettles are still available, Wild Garlic is now coming with flower on and Micro Garlic Flowers are now available for a limited time in punnets.


Water Melons look like they will be coming down next week and Galia Melons that were unavailable for a few days, are now available but are expensive. Lemons took a hike in price this week and will probably stay that way for a while. Good Plums are hard to source at the moment and prices are high for the better ones. Wye Valley Indoor Champagne Rhubarb is available and quality is excellent, but it is significantly dearer than Outdoor Rhubarb. Limes are lower, so too are Pineapples. Cherries are slowly becoming more plentiful but still on the pricey side. Spanish Apricots have just started and they look quite good but I haven’t tried one yet. Strawberries are a daily toss-up between Spanish & Belgium on quality and price. Redcurrants are still very expensive.