New Season Asparagus

Ahhh, the Glorious 12th, today is the start of the grouse shooting season, and the first of the game birds to come into season. To me this is the first sign that winter is around the corner. Another is when Brussels sprouts first appear as we have seen this week. English runner beans have jumped in price as we have a temporary blip in supply. New season onions – from the cheaper English to the sweeter Spanish and the more niche exquisite French Roscoff all are excellent in their own right. English courgettes are plentiful and consequently cheaper.

Damsons are now in season; a small fruit with vibrant dark blue skin and a strong, sour flavour and ovoid in shape, similar to plums, great for jellies & chutneys. Blueberries are good value, but lemons remain expensive and look to get dearer still. English Victoria plums and Discovery apples continue to improve in volume and should not be missed.