Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 26th August 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – August 26th 2016

Oh no…… English Pumpkins are now available, I can’t believe it’s that time of year already! This means Autumn is only around the corner, where’s the summer gone?

Anyway, in addition to the regular Pumpkins there is an ever growing selection if English & European Pumpkins and Squashes available. Some of the English Salad lettuces are coming to an end and we will be swapping to French if we see the quality drop, but the Cos & Little Gems Lettuces from Bett’s in Kent are excellent quality still. English Broccoli remains dear and the is a small amounts of Purple Sprouting Broccoli available. We expected the Potatoes to ease in price but its actually gone up a little! English Heritage Tomatoes are still very good and English Cob-Nuts are much better now. Wild Elderberries are coming to an end, so make the most of them while you can. There is a number of new Micro Cresses available, like Chickweed, Quinoa and Agastache Flower , but there is too many to list, give us a call for more information as some are only available by pre-order. English Corn-on-Cob is great value and tastes great.

As we move over to New Season European Apples there will be an initial small price increase until volumes grow, we’ve just started with French Granny Smiths and the quality is much better. Braeburn Apples are now from New Zealand and are very crisp. In addition to New Season English Discovery Apples, there is Early Windsor and Bramley Apples. Pineapples remain expensive. Damsons and Victoria Plums are more plentiful and quality is excellent. You can’t go wrong with Turkish Figs at the moment, they are a good price and full of flavour. Pears have been a problem of late, so we’re trying a Packham Pear from Argentina so let us know what you think. All the English Berries are still available, but the best Strawberries are still at a premium price.