Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – August

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – August 2016

Ahh August, good weather and the the start of the Grouse shooting season on the Glorious 12th, Partidge and Pheasant comes later. Plenty of English Berries around for your summer pudding – Blueberries, Redcurrants, White Currants, Blackberries, Raspberries & Strawberries. Discovery Apples, as usual are the first of the English Apples to arrive on the market and will only be at their best for about a month. English Plums have started but are still a little under-ripe, so I suggest waiting another week. Wild Elderberries are available, again they are only short lived so make the most of them now or bottle them up and store for later. Cob-Nuts have started, but we only have the French at the moment, the English should start soon. Also from France there are Greengages & Mirabelle Plums. Lemons remain ridiculously expensive and no sign of easing. Spanish Apricots are very nice, so are all manner of Peaches and Nectarines whether it be flat, round, white etc. Cherries are a lot shorter and coming mainly from the USA so prices are high, but quality is good. The best tasting east peeler we’ve found at the moment is a Nardorcott variety from Peru.

Finally we’re rid of last season’s Potatoes, therefore prices will ease as more new season is lifted and quality is MUCH better. This will also greatly ease the Jacket Potato price over the next month or two. English Corn-on-Cob are now available and much better tasting than the imports. English Broccoli  & Cauliflower are dearer as supplies are short, Cucumbers and Aubergines are also more expensive. Curly Kale from Lancashire is very good so too is all the English lettuces, we currently getting some great ones from L.J. Betts from Kent. All the English Peas, Runner Beans, Broad Beans, Bobby Beans are all in their prime. English Cavolo Nero & Romanesco is good and English Courgettes remain a good buy. Nutbourne Nursery in Sussex still have a great selection of Heritage Tomatoes in their 5kg mixed boxes. The large leaf French Spinach is still dear so we still recommend the English bunched Spinach as a good alternative.