Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – August 19th

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – August 19th 2016

Victoria Plums from Kent have started and to me they are the best tasting plums, their season is very short and they don’t keep very well once their ripe, so order only what you need daily. Damsons are available too, we class them as plums, but their actually part of the Rose family and make excellent Jams & Jellies. All the English Berries are available but the quality of Strawberries has been as issue of late. There are some lovely French White Peaches available and the quality is second to none but they are a bit pricey. Honeydew Melons are getting short as the Spanish season ends and prices are rising daily and Canteloupe Melons are not far behind.. Galia Melon is still plentiful and good value at the moment. Discovery Apples are great, but their not around for long so get them now, more English Apples will come available of the next few weeks. Fraises des Bois are available but sporadic in supply, they do turn very quickly so it’s best to pre-order in advance and we know they will be fresh.

Dan Lloyd of Worcester is a great grower and his Runner Beans are excellent at the moment. So too is the Cavalo Nero from B. E. Bransden. Rainbow Chard is another great veg, very vibrant in colour with a good dark leaf. Cauliflowers remain dear, but Broccoli has eased a little. Parsnips are English now so the prices will ease. Another flush of New Season Jersey Mids in 5kg boxes are now available. Shallots are much better now that we’re on the new season stock. English Courgettes remain plentiful so prices are very reasonable. English Lollo Rosso, Biando, Oakleaf are all good quality and value, so too is the English Pousse & Rocket.