Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 9th September 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – September 9th 2016

Cobnuts are now at their best. A cultivar of the Hazelnut and grown in the UK since the 16th Century, these are great eaten as they are or roasted and added to salads or Game dishes. Other not so obvious English seasonal produce available is Purple/Green Curly Kale, Kohl Rabi. Cavolo Nero, Fennel, Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Bobby Beans. Also the English Romanesco is a good size and reasonably priced so too is Broccoli and lastly Baby Kale is great for salads. English Corn-on-Cob is such good value and full of flavour, English Bunch Spinach is good but the large leaf French Spinach is better value. Green Courgettes remain a good Buy and Yellow Courgettes are not overly expensive too. Peppers across the board have eased in price. Nutbourne Nursery in West Sussex are still turning out a delightful selection of Heritage Tomatoes in their mixed box. English Lollo Biando & Oakleaf are coming to an end and we will switch to the continent lettuces if the the quality drops. Mid Potatoes have crept up in price over the last week for no obvious reason and there are still Jersey Royal Ware & Mid Potatoes available.

Extra Sweet Pineapples remain expensive but there seems to be more available so we expect the price to ease over the next week or so. Lemons have remained expensive incessantly but finally prices are easing. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about Melons, Galia, Honeydew & Water Melons, are all much higher in price. Cantaloupe seem about the best priced. English Victoria Plums are now ending and have risen in price. English Discovery Apples are ending too but there are some lovely Worcester & Early Windsor Apples to compensate. Easy Peelers are a problem, The South African Nardicots that we’re buying now are the best we can find, but they are expensive and have quite a few pips! English Wye Valley Blueberries are very good and so too are the English Raspberries. We have some good Canadian Cherries available but they are very expensive.