Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 9th November 2018

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 7th December 2018

Unusually we can’t blame Brexit on any price hikes yet, apart from maybe the exchange rate? So as usual, weather is the blame for most produce hikes in prices. Consequently, the dry summer this year has left us with a shortage of good sized quality Potatoes for the next eight months so factor that in your menu costings. The quality of English Primo & Savoy Cabbage from Lincolnshire is very good, the Cauliflowers are a good size too but are creeping up in price. Portuguese Hispi Cabbages are also good. Brussels Sprouts are available in purple as well as green and the Prepped Brussels are now available too. Parsnips in 10kg nets are good value but not as good quality as the 5kg boxed ones. Aubergines are very expensive at the moment. Spinach is extortionate and in very short supply so avoid or buy Frozen. With their lovely nutty flavour, English Jerusalem Artichokes like the ones we have from D & J Hayward in Wiltshire are underrated as they are a bit fiddly to prepare but are a wonderful product most of the year round. Baby leeks, whether in punnets or loose are a big problem with availability at present. If you are requiring any Prepped Produce you need to get your order in EARLY or you may not get it as demand is off the scale this time of year.

All the Salad Lettuces from the continent are reasonably priced and no shortages in sight. Tomatoes are on the increase with Beef Tomatoes & Cherry Plum Vine Tomatoes quite dear and no sign of getting cheaper. Peppers are at about their seasonally normal price but the next few weeks can always be unpredictable.

Satsumas would normally be our Easy Peeler of choice this time of year but there is quality issues with them so we’re buying the Spanish Clemantines, they’re reasonably priced and eat well, The ones that come ‘on the leaf’ are an even better quality but come at a premium. Good Mangoes are a problem and the only ones worth buying are the Air freighted ones but they are quite expensive. Cantaloupe Melons are quite dear but are a good size. Persian Limes are good and have a deep green colour. Fresh Jumbo Cranberries in 200g punnets or regular size in 340g bags are available. Vac-Pac French Peeled Chestnuts or Chinese Chestnuts in their shell are also available. The Black Peruvian Figs look and eat great but are a bit pricey.