Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 9th June 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  9th June 2017

The English Broccoli season is upon us now and this superb vegetable is not only enjoyed cooked but also Raw, when eaten this way it is a great source vitamin C and vitamin K. Raw broccoli contains moderate amounts of several B vitamins and the dietary mineral ‘Manganese’. Broccoli also has a low content of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and dietary fibre. English Summer Cauliflower are the main crop at the moment, they do tend to be smaller than usual but are reasonably priced. We’re still having to buy Portuguese Savoy Cabbage due to no English available, but we have some lovely English Hispi and Spring Greens. Onions are generally good overall but the Egyptian Red Onion is good value at present. Dutch Aubergines & Peppers have jumped in price and this is being blamed on poor weather on the continent. Tomatoes & Courgettes remain the same though. French Jerusalem Artichokes are expensive as there is very little English available. They are smaller than the French but the English Globe ‘Chokes’ are much better value than the French. We’re still hanging in there with UK Carrots (currently Scottish) but we could switch at any time to the dearer French/Spanish if the quality drops. English Asparagus is all but over and we will be predominately buying Mexican/Peruvian Asparagus from now on.

Potatoes are the annual gripe of most Chefs this time of year. It’s often overlooked that the usual Old Crop Potatoes used for frying/mashing & roasting are up to TEN MONTHS OLD! So don’t be surprised that they cook differently. They may have been kept in cold storage but during that time all the starch is slowly turning into sugar in anticipation of producing shoots in the spring, hence they burn much quicker and do not remain crispy. So until late July/early August they will be hit and miss and there will be a premium to pay for the best ones.

We’re having a short term problem with Melons at present, particularly Water & Honeydew Melons that are both in short supply and expensive. We’ve been dutifully informed that the problem should be fine later next week and we may even have a glut shortly afterwards! There are Cherries about but not many that are great quality, so the prices haven’t eased as we’d of expected by now. The same can be said for Peaches & Nectarines too. Blueberries are quite plentiful so prices are good, so too are English Strawberries. Redcurrants remain dear, so please avoid. South African Forelle Pears are good at the moment and are our pear of choice at the moment. Pink Lady Apples are very expensive and not worth their current price.