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Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 8th December 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 8th December 2017

As we’re in the silly season, not many fresh produce lines go down in the run up to Christmas and this year is no different. On the plus side some items are not as expensive as per previous years either. Baby Vegetables have been a problem to source especially Baby Courgette, Patty Pan & Baby Bunch Rainbow Carrots. The Baby Piccolo Parsnips were not so baby, so we had to send them back and the Baby Romanesco was plentiful one minute and gone the next! So please order in advance or check with our sales staff if you have items that are not so main stream as it can be a problem. Broccoli is still pricey and Cauliflowers are getting dearer daily. Yellow Courgettes are still very expensive, so best avoided. Tomatoes continue to creep up in price and Rocket is dearer. Cold weather in Spain is having a knock on effect on prices across the board too.

South African Apricots have started but they are small at the moment. Nectarines & Peaches are available, the Nectarines are the dearer out of the two. Cherries are cheaper than they were but still very expensive. There are some seasonal Fruits around like: Prickly Pears, Custard Apples, Litchis, Pomegranates and variety of Dates. Dutch Rhubarb remains expensive, Honeydew & Water Melons are both dearer this week. Clementines are very good and the English Braeburn Apples still eat very well.

If you have any orders of Prepared Produce please make sure you pre-order with our Tele-Sales team as everyone has the same idea this time of year and its not guaranteed for next day if ordered late. If you want to discuss prices for prepared, just give them a call for whats available and prices.

We are open on Sunday 24th December for pre-ordered deliveries as we are closed from Monday 25th – Wednesday 27th December and open Thursday 28th December

Also, closed Monday 1st January, open Tuesday 2nd January

PLEASE NOTE: All order for Sunday 24th December will need to be placed by 10pm Friday 22nd December