Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 7th July 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  7th July 2017

The good weather has culminated in a great year for English Blackcurrants, growers have reported a sweeter than usual crop this year due to vintage growing conditions. Crops are predicted to be around 12,000 tonnes and started 2 weeks earlier than usual. Blackcurrants are not usually favoured much by chefs hence 95% of the crop goes to RIBENA! So maybe its time to bring them back on the menu. Strawberries have been very short over the last week (UK & on the Continent) due to the break between the early crop and the late crop made worse by the searing temperatures recently, the good news is prices are now coming down and fruit is becoming more plentiful. English Red & Green Gooseberries are also now available and very good. Lastly, the English Cherries & Outdoor Rhubarb remain very good too. French Greengages have started, the English will be at least another two weeks away. Limes are even dearer this week ans all citrus remain dear. Water Melons are very good and prices have dropped again this week. There’s plenty of Peaches & Nectarines around and prices are all over the place, depending on quality.

We’ve had to move onto French Globe Chokes as the English is simply just not big enough. As expected, Brocolli is in short supply so prices are high. Trying to buy Rainbow Kale has also been hit and miss this week as there’s not much around. The Chantenay Carrots have been Israeli recently but are now all New Season English. There are also some great large bunches of Heritage/Rainbow Carrots available. English Swede is also New Season now hence the increase in price. There are some lovely Continental Squashes started to arrive on the market, give us a call for what is available. English Marrows and Courgettes are quite plentiful and a good buy this week. The Wild Mushroom selection remains poor. We may switch to English Leeks next week as prices are coming down.