Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 7th April 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  7th April 2017

It looks like we’re in for a hot weekend and that can only mean good news for the start of the English Asparagus Season. We love the Asparagus from J.W. Allen & Sons in Attleborough, Norfolk. They have been growing Asparagus there since 1985. Andy has 180 acres and around a third of that is grown under polythene to encourage early growth. We’ve taken Chefs there on farm visits before and can highly recommend his Asparagus. We’re already selling it and although it is early in the season, prices are coming down and the quality is excellent.

English Cauliflower is also growing faster than it can be sold and despite traders trying to talk the price up, prices remain low. We’re buying ours from C.J. Bean in Deal, Kent and they are huge! The same cannot be said for Savoy Cabbage as supplies are short and we’re having to buy French. There’s no letting up on the price of Broccoli as it remains expensive with no sign of change. Sugar snaps & Mange Toute have been good value but have now jumped up in price. Dutch Chillies are very good but expensive, but while we can buy the cheaper Spanish ones, we will. Another good home grown crop at the moment is green Bok Choy grown in Worcestershire.

Avocado’s are very expensive at the moment, especially the ‘HASS’ variety. English & Dutch Cucumbers remain good value. Round Tomatoes are still fetching higher than expected prices and hopefully this will change over the next week or so as the Dutch become more plentiful. Cherry Tomatoes are reasonable, but Beef & Plum Tomatoes are more expensive. We’ve got a few more weeks before English Lettuces start but the Spanish is still good and reasonably priced.

Costa Rican Water Melons & Honeydew Melons are still on the pricey side,  Brazilian Limes & Spanish Lemons are still expensive too. After a hiccup in the quality, Spanish Strawberries are much better and good value. There’s no Apricots available on only small pockets of Cherries coming through that are ridiculously over priced for the quality. Nardicotts have been the choice of Easy Peeler of late but the Clementines that are coming through do eat well, but are on the small side and neither are particularly cheap.