English Curly Kale

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 5th May 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  5th May 2017

The recent cold snap and frosts has given some English Produce a hiccup in supply. None less than English Asparagus, volumes are down and prices are creeping up, it should only be for a couple of weeks or sooner if the weather warms up. English Coriander has been affected too but there is still plenty around from other sources. English Curly Kale is great at the moment, this versatile vegetable has grown in popularity over recent years as it is seen as a super food by many but also overrated by some. Either way is it very popular and versatile. The English Cauliflower crop has gone from feast to famine and we’re having to import more to meet demand and this has driven prices higher. Spanish Broccoli & Courgettes remain good value and the Belgian Leeks at present are very good. Mange-Toute & Sugar Snaps remain dear. Jersey Royal Potatoes have come down in price as there is more available. The choice of Wild Mushrooms is still very limited.

In our quest to stock primarily English produce we expect to receive the first of the English Iceberg next week with Lollo & Oakleaf to follow soon after. We are already on English Cos, Little Gem, Pousse & Round Lettuce. Plum Tomatoes are more plentiful so prices will ease next week. Also, it’s good to see the Avocado price continues to drop a bit further this week too. Young Nettles are still available, Wild Garlic is now coming with flower on and Micro Garlic Flowers are now available for a limited time in punnets.


Water Melons look like they will be coming down next week and Galia Melons that were unavailable for a few days, are now available but are expensive. Lemons took a hike in price this week and will probably stay that way for a while. Good Plums are hard to source at the moment and prices are high for the better ones. Wye Valley Indoor Champagne Rhubarb is available and quality is excellent, but it is significantly dearer than Outdoor Rhubarb. Limes are lower, so too are Pineapples. Cherries are slowly becoming more plentiful but still on the pricey side. Spanish Apricots have just started and they look quite good but I haven’t tried one yet. Strawberries are a daily toss-up between Spanish & Belgium on quality and price. Redcurrants are still very expensive.