February 3rd Market report

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 3rd February 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  3rd February 2017

There’s no easing up on the prices of produce at the moment. Even the ‘Dail Mail’ was reporting on it’s front page that some supermarkets are rationing Iceberg Lettuce and Broccoli to a maximum of 3 per visit! Well we’re not – so buy as much as you like….

In fact we’re seeing Broccoli prices ease a little, Courgettes are still very short in supply and expensive and don’t even think about ordering Yellow Courgettes as their prices are off the scale! Aubergines are looking to be available next week at a realistic price, but still expensive. Cauliflowers should be cheaper next week as there seems to be plenty around at present. Flat Parsley is getting harder to source each day and prices will rise. All the Root Crops are still good value, so too are all the Cabbages.

Celery is expected to be remain on the dear side for two more weeks when more will become available and the price should ease. Rocket & Pousse are in very short supply, but our supplier is managing to keep us stocked at the moment, although prices are dear. Little Gem and the French Lollo,Oakleaf, Curly Endive are also casualties of the weather and they too are expensive and in short supply. Good Tomatoes are a bit dearer this week, there are some cheaper Moroccan but they are a bit pale so unless they improve, well stay with the Spanish.

English Braeburn Apples are excellent at the moment and a good price so we’re using them as our Red Apple at the moment. Honeydew & Water Melons are creeping up in price, so too are Grapes. Apricots are finished now. Figs are getting Cheaper and Spanish Strawberries are still good value. Unusually, Small Bananas are hard to come by, apparently they grew too fast…..?