Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 2nd September 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – September 2nd 2016

Ever since my cheffy days I’ve always found Pastry Chefs as a bit mad and even back in 1666 on this day (sept 2nd) one of them was blamed for starting the Great Fire of London!

Unfortunately they never had the choice of produce that is available today, we’ve got some great English fruits available in the way of Discovery Apples, Victoria Plums, Kentish Cobnuts to name but a few. Blueberries from the Wye Valley are excellent and we have just started English Conference Pears but you will need reinforced teeth to eat them! From the Continent there very good Mirabelle PlumsGreengages, Fresh Chestnuts in their cobs and Wet Walnuts, but the latter two are in Peter’s words ‘F**ing expensive!’ There some lovely Apricots and Flat Peaches from Spain that are reasonably priced. Pineapples are in really short supply and are expensive, unfortunately a few other lines are still expensive like Melons, Lemons and Oranges (Galia has doubled in price over the last 10 days). The best buy at the moment is Turkish Figs, not only are they cheaper, but they eat fantastically. Lastly, Elderberries are all but finished but we may have a few days left.

Potatoes are easing a little, historically they normally drop in price in September so we’ll have to wait and see. We have been buying some good sized, bold Cauliflowers and Savoy Cabbage from Francis & Son from Lincolnshire. English Broccoli is easing and hopefully will continue to get cheaper. All the English Peas-in-Pod, Broad Beans, Runner Beans and Bobby Beans are still good and plentiful. English Corn-on-Cob are still a good buy, plump and beautifully sweet. We’ll probably switch to French Spinach in a few days as the price has eased. Courgettes continue to be a good buy and finally the Pepper price is starting to ease but Aubergines have shot up in price.