Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 2nd March 2020

It good to see the arrival of early Jersey Royal Potatoes. As usual you will pay a premium at the beginning of the season. But the earthy flavour of these little beauties is second to none. They will start to ease in price as quantity increases and are available in Mids or Ware

There’s still a few people ordering Brussels Sprouts but they are on their last legs and Brussel Tops have finished completely. Cauliflowers look to be getting dearer as supply has drastically dropped and more is being imported to fill the gap. Yellow Courgettes remain expensive, so best avoided. Rainbow Chard is very good and so too is the Heritage Beetroot, we’ve recently been getting some White Beetroot which looks very interesting. The quality of Cepes, Chanterelles & Girolle Wild Mushrooms look quite respectable, but not cheap! Wild Garlic leaves are in full swing now and a favourite of many chefs this time of year as it is such a versatile product. There is also some Young Nettles around now too.

Cucumbers are up in price this week but hopefully it should ease as we have seen English & Dutch Cucumbers in greater volumes on the market this week. As the Spanish Peppers start coming to an end and Dutch Peppers start, we will see the price yo-yo quite a bit on a daily basis. French Jerusalem Artichokes are good and reasonably priced. Ginger is expensive at the moment as it comes from China but the quality is exceptional and presumably Corona Virus free……

We still have some Blood Oranges available and the quality and colour is still good. White Grapes are expensive at present, but the Peruvian ‘Sweet Globe’ we currently have are a good size and taste AMAZING! Spanish Strawberries remain reasonably priced. All Melons are coming from South America this time of year and prices are increasing, Water Melons are particularly expensive at the moment. Litchis & Apricots are finished and Cherries are almost non-existent. South African Nectarines are available, but pretty tasteless. Nardicotts are the only easy peeler available and the quality and taste is not too bad.