Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 28th October 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – October 28th 2016

With Halloween this weekend, Pumpkins have been selling well but for flavour we suggest the French Iron Bark Pumpkins, the regular UK Pumpkin is tasteless compared to them. All the English Cabbages are very good at the moment, we have Savoy, Hispi, Primo & Spring Greens. English Leeks are getting better value, so too is the Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

Spanish produce is becoming more plentiful so that means the Peppers & Aubergines are easing in price. Now that the Spanish Chillies are arriving, the prices should ease. The Spanish Courgettes are still good value but they are expected to jump in price as volumes decrease, we also recommend avoiding Yellow Courgettes as prices are extortionate. The smaller English Onion crop this year has kept prices higher so the price premium to the Spanish Onions is not much so we may move over to them as the quality is better.

Beef & Plum Vine Tomatoes prices are much higher, but Cherry Tomatoes are coming down. English Cos Lettuce has jumped up in price and the quality of English Iceberg Lettuce is not as good, it won’t be long until we switch to Spanish. Spanish Cucumbers are reasonable.

Spanish Satsumas have commenced and the quality is good, Spanish Clementines with Leaf have also started. Oranges continue to be a problem and prices are at an all time high. Dutch Rhubarb is expensive at the moment, so to are Kumquats. There are no Cherries, Apricots & Litchis available at the moment. Although there are still some Peaches & Nectarines available the quality is very poor and are best avoided. Pomegranates are very good and we can also get fresh prepared de-seeded Pomegranate seeds in 1kg bags (call for prices). Mangoes are dearer as the only good ones are the Air Freight ones. Strawberries are expensive at present and all the Berries are on the dear side.