Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 25th November 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – November 25th 2016

It’s Black Friday alright, but not what you’d expect. Instead of bargains to be had it feels like everything has gone up!

Firstly a lot of the Spanish produce has jumped up, Aubergines have more than doubled in the last 10 days. All Peppers and Courgettes are higher and Yellow Courgettes remain ridiculously high. Broccoli is dearer too, so to is Cauliflower. Jacket Potatoes have taken a hike and the large  sizes will only continue to get dearer. Not everything is doom and gloom though, Leeks, Mange-toute and Fine/XF Beans are all reasonable. So too is all the root crops – Carrots, Parsnips, Swede & Turnips. There is some lovely English Rainbow Chard and Variegated Curly Kale around that is reasonable.

All the Lettuces are pretty much the same as last week, Cherry Tomatoes are a good buy but Cucumbers have jumped in price. English Celery was a good price but it”s finished now and we’re on to the Spanish. Spanish & French Heritage Tomatoes are still great quality.

Easy Peeling Clementines & Satsumas are very good and we’re expecting the Grape prices to ease as more South African produce arrives over the next week or so. The quality of SA Peaches & Nectarines are improving all the time.  Fresh Cranberries, Fresh Chestnuts & Wet Walnuts are all available. The Strawberry price has not improved at all and remain very expensive, Blackberries are too. Raspberries & Blueberries are only marginally better. All Figs are quite expensive especially the Peruvian ones. Cherries, Kumquats & Litchis are all available but can be expensive. Apricots will be starting very soon.