Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 24th March 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  24th March 2017

So this week we are officially in Spring and it looks like the weather is warming up. That should bring on the English crops and we can then see a drop in salad prices. At the moment we are seeing the price of lettuces across the board ease in price with the exception of Iceberg Lettuce that has gone up a little this week.  All the Tomatoes are much more expensive this week all bar the Cherry Tomatoes. Peppers are on the increase until the Dutch become more plentiful. We expect to get our first delivery of English Heritage Tomatoes from Nutbourne Nurseries next week. Wye Valley Asparagus is great but expensive.

Broccoli has doubled in price in a week and looks to be this price for a while. Cauliflower is much better value, so too are Courgettes and even the Yellow Courgettes though still expensive are getting cheaper each week. Mange-Toute is plentiful so prices have eased. Potatoes are going up as the we get later in the season and there is a big premium on the best quality ones like ‘Agria’. Aubergines are reasonable and there is still plenty of good value root crops.

As for wild mushrooms, Pied de Mouton are finishing and Girolles are now Portuguese. Morels from China are hit and miss in quality, Trompettes are now from USA so are a bit dearer.

All Citrus seems to be expensive at the moment, Limes have had a hike in price, so too has White Grapefruit, Nardicots and Oranges. Pineapples remain dear and in short supply. Spanish Strawberries remain good value, so too are Blueberries. Wye valley Rhubarb is exceptional but pricey. Peaches & Nectarines are like bullets, so best avoided. No Apricots or Litchis available.