Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 24th February 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  24th February 2017

The recent shortage of produce seems to be easing now and more lines each week are returning to near normal seasonal prices. Cos, Lollo Rosso, Oakleaf & Lollo Biando Lettuces are still dear but are easing in price each week. Little Gems are cheaper this week and Iceberg Lettuce are actually good Value. Cherry & Beef Tomatoes  have come down in price but Plum-on-Vine are still dear. Moroccan Tomatoes are the cheapest but not as good quality as the Spanish. Cucumbers are better quality as we switch to English, but a little pricier. Pepper prices are all over the place with Green being the cheapest.

Courgettes & Aubergines are more plentiful and much better value. English Cauliflowers and Spanish Broccoli are very good and prices are much better. Over the last couple of days there seems to be a lot of of Purple Sprouting Broccoli arrive on the market but prices do not reflect this yet and they are still pricey. All the English Cabbages are excellent quality and good prices. There’s still some great Squashes around like ‘Crown Prince’ & ‘Onion Squash’. French Large Leaf Spinach is still pricey but still better value than the Italian bunched. All English Root Vegetables are great value.

Pineapples are going to be a problem, they are in short supply and getting shorter, hence they’re going up in price each week. Water & Canteloupe Melons are more expensive this week, so Galia are the best value. Yellow Plums are just starting, I haven’t tried any yet so not sure how good they eat? We’ve now switched to Spanish Navel Oranges and the quality is good. Nardocots are the only good easy peeler still but still on the dear side. White Grapes are a lot shorter and dearer than the Black Grapes at the moment. American Driscoll Strawberries have jumped in price so we’ve switched back to Spanish Strawberries which are much better value, Spanish Raspberries are better value now as they’re more plentiful.

Wild Mushroom Update: Eastern European Cepes starting soon, Portuguese Girolles are poor quality and pricey, Pied de Mouton are reasonable, Trompette & Morels are pricey, No Grey Chanterelles only Yellow, Cultivated Pied Bleu plentiful.

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