Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 23rd September 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – September 23rd 2016

It’s official – today is the first full day of Autumn after yesterdays Equinox (where the day and night are exactly the same length) and there is plenty of Autumnal produce around to celebrate it. For instance all the Root Vegetables are in their prime now but if your bored with the regular ones then the Chervil Root and Parsley Root season has just kicked off. It does look similar to Parsnips but the taste is completely different, unfortunately it is twice the price. The French Quince Pear season has just started also and although related to apple and pear family, their taste couldn’t be more different with its bitter taste until cooked, the French Pears are the tastiest above all its European rivals and is excellent for jellies. Also from France is the Roscoff Onions that are the stereotypical stringed Onions that ‘Onion Johnny’ the Frenchman delivered on his bicycle in the 1950’s  and what a lovely onion it is and is only grown in the Roscoff area in Brittany. English Cauliflowers & Savoy Cabbages from C.J. Bean in Worth, Kent are a really good size and excellent quality at the moment and prices are very reasonable. Broccoli is also a good price this week. Courgettes still remain a good buy. We’re expecting more produce to arrive from Spain over the next few weeks and this will ease the price of Aubergines and Peppers. 

Pineapples continue to ease in price but Limes are getting even dearer! Peaches & Nectarines are past their best now and tend to be either hard or soft and pappy. We’ve moved over to Peruvian Mandarins for an easy-peeler but they’re still on the dear side. White Grapes are expected to be in very short supply so prices will rise. We are trialling out a new Red Apple from New Zealand called ‘NZ Queen’ it is a bi-coloured apple with a stunning deep red skin colour. They are very crisp and juicy, with a sweet taste and clean white flesh so let us know what you think. English Strawberries are hanging on in there and are still good, so too are the English Blueberries & Raspberries