Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 23rd June 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  23rd June 2017

The recent mini heatwave is not all good news for English growers in particular Broccoli and Strawberry growers as when the temperature gets too hot the plants shut down to conserve energy and this cuts their ability to crop well. So we may see a hike in prices over the next couple of weeks? That said the quality at the moment is great. We now have English Runner Beans available. English Savoy/Hispi/ Primo are all good quality too. Red Romero Peppers from the Lea valley are very good and show how our farmers are getting very versatile and innovative in trying to expand on their portfolio of products, which can only be good in the long term with the uncertainty of what will happen post Brexit. English Carrots are now new season so the flavour and quality is much better. All the English Lettuces are stunning and there are some Red Little Gem around too. There seems to be a surplus of Mid Potatoes around at present so before we get onto the English new crop we have some stunning ones arriving from Israel next week that are good price too. Also with last years main crop still in stock and the early cropping of this years crop we envisage that Jacket Potatoes will not hike in price next month as per previous years. Avocado’s & Heirloom Tomatoes are getting tighter due to supply and demand so expect prices to creep up. For those who have asked, Lemon Balm & Lemon Verbena is readily available most days.

In times gone by we had to wait for English Blueberries to come from Devon a little later in the season, but even though Blueberries only grow on certain soils we’re seeing much more of them grown now and as a consequence there are some delightful ones from Wye Valley around. Citrus Fruits are getting very costly, Lemons have been dear for a while now and look to stay that way for a while and Oranges have joined them now. Easy Peelers are also very short and continue to remain expensive. Best stone fruits at the moment are Apricots, Peaches (flat or round), Nectarines & Cherries. Plums are still a bit of a problem, but we have a dark skin variety called ‘Early King’ that eat well albeit a slightly tough skin and come from Portugal. Pink Lady Apples are ridiculously expensive so we’re sending out ‘Kanzi’ instead, their very similar but much better value. All Spanish Melons are getting more plentiful by the day and there will be some good prices next month.