French Green Almonds

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 21st July 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  21st July 2017

Things are beginning to quieten down now as the holiday season approaches and there should be a few bargains to be had over the coming weeks. This week Mid Potatoes are still a good buy, English Leeks, Carrots, Cauliflower & New Season Carrots are all very reasonable. English Purple Sprouting Broccoli is in full swing and very good. There is also some English Romanesco, medium sized Petit Pan & Rainbow Chard if you want something a little different. Also different are the French Yellow & Purple Cauliflowers but they are pricey and some Purple Beans are available too. Asparagus is still very expensive as mentioned last week as there is limited supplies coming through at present. French Cob-Nuts have started and I imagine the English will only be a couple of weeks away. Avocado’s are dear at the moment and the Green Fuerte type are as expensive as the Hass at the moment. We’re now onto the New Crop Agria Potatoes that are a relief to many as its good to get a good chipping potato again. All the English Lettuces continue to be good value and excellent quality.

Strawberries are still commanding a decent price and prices haven’t eased as much as expected. The South African Clementines that arrived are very juicy so too are the Italian Apricots. If your looking for an orange flesh melon then the Italian Cantaline Melon is very good and Water Melons remain plentiful are so are still reasonable at the moment so too are Pineapples. The English Cherries continue to eat very well but won’t be around for much longer. English Victoria Plums have just started and will be around for a couple of weeks, they eat very well but don’t don’t keep. French Greengages are now available, the English will be available soon. There’s still plenty of Peaches & Nectarines around but the cheaper ones are looking a bit scruffy & bruised. Fresh French Green Almonds (see picture) are available and although you can eat the outer green flesh it is a bit bitter. The young Almond inside however has a more delicate taste and a bit gelatinous, they are after all – unripe Almonds that if left on the tree will turn brown and have an inedible hard shell protecting the Almond inside.