Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 21st January 2020

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 21st January 2020

Poor weather in Spain has hampered supplies and subsequently some lines have jumped in price. Aubergines, Courgettes and Cucumbers have been hit the hardest and supplies are in really short supply at the moment. Peppers have crept up a little, so too has Broccoli. The Spanish Tender Stem Broccoli is very good and reasonably priced. As Tomatoes are coming from Morocco too, prices are reasonable and Cherry Tomatoes are plentiful. English January King, Savoy & Primo Cabbages are great value, Hispi Cabbage from Portugal is very good too.

French Sandy Carrots also known as ‘Carotte de Sables’ are available and grown all along the beautiful coast of La Manche in a tiny coastal area in Normandy and have a lovely flavour. Onion & Crown Prince Squashes are two of the best tasting and still available, a great addition to any wintry menu. Dutch Leeks & English Carrots are good value and can offset some of the dearer produce around. It is good to see English growers stepping up their game as we have some superb quality Banana Shallots from Parrish Farm in Shefford, Bedfordshire.

All Wild Mushrooms are up in price but Girolles are very pricey and not the best quality either. Tarragon supplies are very tight too.

Peaches & Nectarines are still not very good, but the dark South African Plums called ‘Sapphire’ are scrumptious and eat very well. There is still a few Apricots available but their coming to an end now. Forced Rhubarb from the infamous 9 mile West Yorkshire Triangle is as good as you would expect and in full swing.

It good to see that Spanish Growers are doing their bit for the environment as the latest delivery of fresh Raspberries are packed in 100% recyclable/compostable boxes.

Spanish Strawberries are quite plentiful, so too are Litchis. Honeydew & Water Melons are in short Supply but Galia & Canteloupe seem OK. Blood Oranges are still good but ending now. There are some sporadic supplies of Cherries around but they are pricey.