Market Report April 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 21st April 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  21st April 2017

There are some beauties coming into season in April and none less than Wild Asparagus, currently it’s coming from France but there will some available from the UK later. The barley like stems reach about 16-24 mm long. The flowers are small and green and produce bright red berries later. The UK has 28 sites on the coasts of southern and south-west England and Wales. Elsewhere, the species occurs on the coasts of many European countries. Other seasonal gems available include Green & White English Asparagus, Jersey Royal Potatoes and Indoor/Outdoor Rhubarb. Spanish Green Courgettes are good value and the Yellow Courgettes are a good price too. Spanish Aubergines are now scrappy looking so we’re onto the better Dutch/Belgium as they’re not that much dearer. Spanish Broccoli is also tumbling to an acceptable price. English Cauliflowers still remain good value. Loose Moroccan Corn-on-Cob is very good in quality and price. Spanish Globe Artichokes are really good and not as expensive as you might think. With St. Georges Day this weekend and it coincides with the start of the St. George Wild Mushrooms.

So whats gone up this week…? Sugar Snaps & Mange-Toute have jumped up, so too has Portuguese Savoy Cabbage as there is little or none in English available.

All the Peppers seem to be easing in price, so too are Tomatoes. Cucumbers are still plentiful and prices are on the low side. Little Gem is now English but all the other lettuces are still from the Continent. All Avocadoes remain expensive, especially the Hass variety. We’re struggling to find good Celery as it is not the best at the moment and a bit pale looking.

New Zealand Cox’s Apples are now appearing on the market. The Braeburn Apples continue to eat well and are the best value red apples, even though it isn’t a true Red Apple. Melons are dear and Galia are exceptionally expensive. There is little or none of the following: Cherries, Apricots & Litchis. Spanish Strawberries are still very reasonable, so too are Blueberries. Nardicotts are still very expensive as they’re the only easy peeler worth buying at present. There are a few Red Forelle Pears available, but they too are dear.