Top and Tail Kenyan French Beans

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 20th October 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 13th October 2017


Not a very eventful week on the market…… Kenyan French Beans are very reasonable this week and the Top & Tail are really good. Romanesque Cauliflowers have been plentiful so prices are realistic and worth buying. As we change over from Dutch produce to Spanish there are a few overstocks, so some prices should ease. So we expect Aubergines & Courgettes to be lower next week, Red & Yellow Peppers too are a little easier. English Black Cabbage (Cavalo Nero) is very good quality. English Broccoli is still going good but will end soon and prices are reasonable. Red Chillies are expensive at the moment but Green Chillies are OK. We’ve moved over to French Celeriac as they are much bigger and quality is goo. The selection of Wild Mushrooms are good at the moment. Obviously there’s plenty of good Pumpkins & Squashes available. Cherry Tomatoes & Cherry Tomatoes on Vine are still expensive, but French Airloom Tomatoes are reasonable.

English Braeburn Apples & Conference Pears are now flowing onto the market. English Cox’s & Russet Apples are available too. Spanish Satsumas are a little greener in skin colour this year due to the warm weather earlier in the year but the taste is not affected and they eat just as well. Seasonal fruit such as Pomegranate’s, Fresh  Cranberries & Chestnuts are all plentiful. Still no easing in the price of Kiwi & Grapes have jumped in price as we are now sourcing them from South American countries. Lemons & Medium Oranges remain dear and Large Oranges are really dear! None of the Berries are particularly cheap and the Blackberries are actually quite expensive and rumour has it that Strawberries are going to be quite short for the coming month? Most Melons are all coming from Brazil right now so they’re not the cheapest. There are some lovely Black Figs from France but they are a little on the small side and are dearer than the Turkish.