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Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 19th March 2019

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 19th March 2019

Supposedly only ten days to go until Brexit and no-ones the wiser on how it is going to impact prices and supplies yet so forecasting prices for the following month is more wishful thinking than anything else? So we’ll just have to get on as best we can…….

In the meantime we have seen Kenyan Fine Beans fall back in price now that there is more coming through. Brussels Sprouts/Tops are completely finished now, Spanish & Red Onions are good but both still relatively expensive.  Wild Garlic & Young Nettles are readily available now and so too are Jersey Royal Potatoes grown under cover hence the dear prices. Yellow Courgettes are at a much more acceptable price now and Green Courgettes have eased too. English Cauliflower are a good size and cheaper this week, English Purple/White Sprouting Broccoli is excellent too. Italian Fennel & Flat parsley have eased and there is some good Italian Black Cabbage available as the English has come to an end. The first of the Italian Peas in Pod & Broad Beans lovely and very tasty. The English Asparagus has started as early as ever but prices are really expensive as these are two months earlier than the main crop.

Cucumbers are quite reasonable as there are plenty around and they’re bringing the English crop on early. Peppers are still pricey, especially the Green, Beef Tomatoes are expensive at present to. English Heritage Tomatoes have started to trickle onto the market.

English Forced Yorkshire Rhubarb has come to an end now. Bananas continue to creep up in price, so too are good quality grapes. Spanish Strawberries remain good value, but other Berries are not so cheap. We’ve moved onto Nardicotts but they are dearer then the Clems were. English Cox’s Apples are finished but we still have English Gala Apples that are eating well. No Peaches, Nectarines or Apricots available or that are edible.