Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 17th March 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  17th March 2017

It’s Paddy’s Day today and nothing is more synonymous than the good old Clover. It’s part of the pea family, and its blossom is actually a bunch of little pea-like blossoms, called ”wings and keels.” Clover is also a native of Europe and western Asia but has been used as a pasture crop worldwide. And while there are few pasture in the Arctic, clover grows from the top of the earth to the bottom and all around, nearly every location on the rotation. Though well-known as totally edible, from blossom to root, there are more tastier wild plants. Some call it a survival food and maybe so as only the blossoms are truly pleasant to human tastes, the leaves are an acquired or tolerated taste….

That’s enough time given to Paddy’s Day, at least it helped fill the page as there’s not a lot else to say!

There is the first of this years English Asparagus to get excited about that’s just started and has been grown under glass in the Wye Valley, as you would expect prices are very steep and unaffordable for most caterers. Also from Wye Valley we now have Rhubarb, again a bit pricey at present. Broccoli and Aubergines are more expensive this week, Courgettes should be a little cheaper by next week  and the English Leeks are very good and a fair Price. Cauliflowers remains a good buy still. English Purple Sprouting Broccoli is good, so too are all the English Cabbages.

Dutch Peppers will be starting soon, after the initial steep prices we should see prices beginning to ease. Dutch Tomatoes are now available but they are about 40% dearer than the Spanish or Moroccan Tomatoes at the moment. All Tomatoes are on the increase and will be more noticeable next week. Tarragon is still a problem and availability is sporadic.

White Grapefruit is very expensive and I can only assume that there is a supply problem. Ruby/Pink Grapefruit do not seem affected? English Braeburn Apples are starting to peter out. South African William Pears are very good, so we’re moving away from the Comice to them. White Grapes are dearer than the black but they are gorgeous and Massive too!