Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 15th January 2019

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 15th January 2019

It may be cold here but nowhere near as cold as parts of the continent. Italy had some heavy snow and this impacted on the price of Italian produce, Fennell, Spinach,Bunched Rocket & Flat Parsley jumped in price but some are starting to ease now. There’s plenty of Brassicas to choose from that are reasonably priced: Savoy, January King & Primo Cabbage, Portuguese Hispi, Brussells Sprout and Curly Kale. On the subject of Kale, we have some lovely Kale Flower Sprouts (Kallettes) that just need a little sauteing off a charming accompaniment to many a dish. English Jerusalem ‘Chokes’ are still great.

UK Onions, like Potatoes continue to be a problem from last years hot summer, Large onions remain dear and trying to find a good quality Red Onion remain challenging and you have to pay a hefty premium to get good ones. Good English Mid Potatoes are hard to find hence the increase in price. Spanish Broccoli is dearer but Aubergines & Courgettes remain VERY expensive and that’s not going to change in the short term.  Dill, Mint & Coriander are all tighter in supply but we’re confident of continuous supply.  Parsnips have come back down in price but Cauliflower may go up later in the week as supplies tighten.

All the Lettuces are on the higher end of prices, Tomatoes & Cucumbers are all on the increase too. Cherry Tomatoes remain reasonable. Unusually, we have some great English Celeriac form ‘Bucks Farm’ in Spalding, Lincs. This versatile product is an underrated vegetable/Salad  and should be used more.

This is the time of year for Seville ‘Marmalade’ Oranges so start jarring yours up now! Also Blood Oranges are available but only  for a month or so. Another seasonal fruit for January is English Forced Rhubarb from the ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ in West Yorkshire. They Grow it in the dark in warm conditions and the result is long pink tender stems that are less tart than their outdoor cousins. Apricots, Peaches & Nectarines from South Africa still available but not that cheap. Pineapple are reasonable but all Melons are quite dear as they are all coming from the Southern Hemisphere. Clementines are the choice for easy peelers as the Nardicots are a lot dearer. Moroccan Strawberries are ending and we may see a jump in price as we move over to Spanish.