Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 14th July 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  14th July 2017

So… its Saturday, I’m voracious as I’ve been out with the missus all day being the dutiful husband going from one furniture shop to another as my wife says she values my opinion (knowing full well my opinion is worth jack…..) anyway I’m now waiting for my ‘Homemade Burger with all the trimmings‘ when this tower arrives sooo big that Scooby Doo would have a problem consuming it and without the fancy bamboo stick holding it together, it would be all over the table! So I try to stretch my jaw like some crazed starving Python trying to eat a baby Gazelle all at once when the ‘homemade pickled cucumber’ shoots out onto the plate,  I  pick it up and it WOW it was delicious, this led me to think that we don’t pickle enough foods. Later that day, a quick google showed me you could pickle almost anything, from Water Melon Rind to Brussels Sprouts, so get why don’t you take the leap and get into PICKLING, I’m sure there’s room on your menu for it.

You should also make room the English Fine Beans as they’re wonderful at the moment. All the English vegetables, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Savoy & Primo Cabbage and Courgettes are exceptional and a good price. Yellow Courgettes on the other hand are not, they’ve jumped up in price this week. The Kale & Cavolo Nero (Black Cabbage) from J.Holland & Sons in Lancashire is fabulous and worthy on any dinner plate. Fresh Garlic is available and is less pungent that its dried out cousins and gives a much more subtle flavour. If you looking for a Small Mid Potato, then we have some Maris Peer from Norfolk that are lovely little beauties and taste divine. Asparagus is in very short supply and very expensive at the moment and is best avoided.

Citrus is so expensive at the moment and there’s no sign of it letting up just yet, so Lemons, Limes & Oranges remain dear, Easy peelers too are still a bit pricey and although these Peruvian Satsumas we have at present eat well, we are starting to get quality issues with them, there are some Clementines arriving so we’ll see how they are. There’s not a great deal of choice in Plums on the market, we’ve opted for an Italian variety called ‘Fortune’, it is crisp with juicy yellow flesh and a blush red skin and they’re a good size too. French Garigette Strawberries are all but finished now, Strawberries in general are still quite short and remain quite pricey for this time of year. White, Red & Blackcurrants are available and there’s more English Blackberries around too. Pears are another problem at present, the Red Florelle Pears look nice but don’t eat very good at all and the South African Packhams Pears are green and hard? Water Melons are a good buy at the moment and in general all melons are good.