Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 12th May 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  12th May 2017

The English Salad Season is well away now and most salads are all home grown now. We’re predominately getting all our salads: Lollo Rosso/Biando, Oakleaf, Iceberg, Little Gem, Cos and Mixed Baby Leaf from L. J. Betts in Kent as they’re quality is excellent and prices are good. We’ll also be on English Parsley & Coriander by next week. Tomatoes are about the same but there seems to be a lot of Cherry Toms-on-Vine around so they may be a good buy come Monday.  All Dutch Peppers are a little dearer this week, so to are Courgettes & Aubergines. Cauliflowers remain expensive but Spanish Brocolli is still a good price. English Asparagus has been dearer for the last week or so but as the weather has warmed up it should reflect on the supply and on easing the price. The best value ‘Grass’ (as the market traders call it) is the 5kg boxes of loose ‘Choice’ size. English Purple & White Asparagus is almost non existent though. The Wild Mushroom selection is very poor at the moment but there are a few small Eastern European Girolle around. English Jerusalem Artichokes are coming to an end and then we’ll switch to French

Spanish Peaches & Nectarines are improving in size and eating quality all the time so now’s a good time to start these. We’ve switched the ‘easy peeler’ to Peruvian Satsumas as the quality is better. Spanish Cherries are getting more plentiful by the day and are very good, prices are reasonable too. Spanish Apricots are available too. The Italian Cantaloupe Melons are excellent and eat very well. Strawberries are now Belgium in 500g punnets as the Spanish quality is waning. Blueberries remain good value but Redcurrants remain very expensive. The only Mangoes worth buying at the moment are the Air Freight ones from The Ivory Coast and they are a bit on the dear side.