Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 11th November 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – November 11th 2016

Despite the recent cold snap English Leeks are still reasonable, Spanish Courgettes, Aubergines & Broccoli are on the rise and Yellow Courgettes remain exorbitantly expensive. French Globe Artichokes are even dearer than last week and should be avoided if possible. All the English Cabbages are good and the Portuguese Hispi Cabbage is excellent. For a change why not use Tri-Colour Chantenay Carrots, they are a colourful alternative if you’ve not tried them yet. Asparagus is creeping up in price so it’s worth keeping an eye on. The Tender Stem Broccoli is English at the moment and very good and there is some very good Green Romanesque about.

All the Lettuces are predominately from Spain at the moment and prices are reasonable. English Celery is almost at an end and we will move over to Spanish in the next week or so. Spanish Tomatoes have eased a little and Peppers are a little dearer this week. English Heritage Tomatoes have finished and it will be Spanish/ French from now on. Red & Yellow Tom Berries are still available and very sweet.

Strawberries remain very expensive, Raspberries & Blackberries are going the same way. Dutch Rhubarb, Grapes & Figs also remain expensive too. Oranges have eased a little and Limes are still good value. We’re buying English Comice & Conference Pears from J G Piper in Kent at the moment as the quality is good and prices reasonable. Spanish Clementines eat very well at the moment and are our easy peeler of choice at present. Lychees are now available but are expensive, South African Peaches are getting better and more plentiful and Nectarines are available now, Still no Apricots at present.