Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 10th March 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report –  10th March 2017

I was going to say that what a pleasure it was to have some sun and warm weather after yesterday’s lovely day, but when I went out a short while ago it was raining!

So anyway…. the Mexican Asparagus glut was short lived and prices are on the way up, Kenyan Tenderstem Broccoli is very good and plentiful so we’re hoping will get a bit cheaper. Spanish Aubergines and Broccoli are up a little this week but English Cauliflowers remain good value. Spanish Green Courgettes are still reasonable but the yellow are extortionate. English Green & Purple Curly Kale is very good, so too is the Black Cabbage ( Cavalo Nero) though the latter is dearer this week. Baby Piccolo Parsnips and Baby Purple & Orange Chantenay Carrots make a change are readily available.

Most varieties of Wild Mushrooms are available and the quality is good, it’s best to call us if you want the latest price and availability as it does change daily.

Iceberg Lettuce is still the best value lettuce, the others are all slowly coming down as volumes rise, Cucumbers are up this week but I think that is a blip and not a trend. Celery is still on the dear side but the quality has improved. Cherry Tomatoes are up this week too but we recommend you stay away from the Yellow Cherry Toms as their 2-3 times the price of the red! Tarragon remains very tight and we’re cut down everyday on our order.

I recommend the South African Red ‘Laetitia’ Plums as they are very good, (I just had one)! The Spanish Strawberries are still good value but the Raspberries have jumped in price. The English Conference pears are eating well and so too are the English Braeburns. English Indoor Rhubarb is very good but the Outdoor is much cheaper so please specify what you need. Peaches & Nectarines remain poor quality so avoid them, Apricots are still ludicrously expensive and not that good. Cherries are available, but again they’re very expensive. There are some Moroccan Clementines arrive on the market but they’re not as good as the Nardicots yet.

As mentioned before Wild Garlic Leaf is available, if you want the Wild Garlic Flowers you’ll have to wait any week or two.

Also, if you want something a ‘bit on the wild side’, Young Nettles are now available. So here’s a few ‘NETTLE FACTS‘: Nettles as a food can be traced back as far as the Egyptians who used them to make Nettle seed oil, they contain nearly as much calcium as cheese, Nettle roots make good tooth picks and because they’re high in nutrients they’re are classed as a Superfood.

Ok, I might have made up the tooth pick fact but none the less they’re worth incorporating in your menu.