English Discovery Apples

English Discovery Apples are best known because it is one of the earliest apples to crop in the UK. Cropping time is usually mid to late August and lasts for about a month into September.
Discovery Apples are hard and crisp with lots of juice and has an acidic come sweet flavour which appeals to most people.
The skin colour is mainly red with a green/yellow background and the flesh is a pale yellow.
They are at their best when eaten fresh from the tree as Discovery Apples cannot be stored and ideally should be eaten within a week, as after that the eating quality deteriorates quickly. They should always be stored in a fridge until eaten and not left in a fruit bowl.
One of it’s bonuses is that they are great for making apple juice and cider and enthusiasts can start early in the season. Order yours now while their at their best.

The origin of the English Discovery Apple is believed to be a cross between Worcester Pearmain & Beauty of Bath. It was created by a grower called Mr Drummer around 1949 in Langham, Essex. It was renamed Discovery in 1962. By 1980 Discovery had become the main early English variety.


Discovery TREE