CSL Market Report 8th July 2015

County Supplies London Market Report 8th July 

Its been a tough week getting produce from the continent with all the strikes at Calais and subsequent problems on Eurostar. Usually we have our daily delivery around 1am, over the last week your lucky if it came at all! But we managed and luckily this time of year we have a lot of home grown produce around like the lovely Runner Beans & Broad Beans from D Southall & Sons in Worcs. The hike in the Cucumber price was short lived and is now back to normal. The English New Potatoes from Suffolk taste great, so do the Fresh Peas from K.S. Coles Farm in Somerset. Cauliflowers are a good size and coming from Lincolnshire at present. Please note that English Asparagus has finished, it’s Peruvian now.

Good Black Seedless Grapes are still a problem and pricey. Lemons are more expensive now that we’re buying the better quality new season Argentinian. Limes too are due to rise in price as supplies get tighter. Plenty of English berries about now including Blackberries & Blueberries. We have some lovely English Cherries from Barfield Farm in Kent (see pic), currently it’s a variety called ‘Sasha’ but it can change daily. Spanish Peaches, Nectarines & Apricots continue to be excellent and are reasonably priced.

English Cherries Kent