CSL Market Report 25th July 2015

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report 25th July 2015

This unusual cold spell shows no sign of returning to the lovely warm weather we expected for July and as a subsequence soft fruits are starting to suffer as they need warm dry weather. So if the cold & wet continues English Strawberries & Raspberries will suffer the most and prices will increase. We still have English Cherries, but supplies are getting shorter. English Plums have now started and the first early variety we have is a ‘Meritare’ which is not dissimilar to a Victoria Plum. Dutch Pineberries & Stayberries are now available again. English Apricots are lovely but not available every day. All Citrus Fruit in particular Oranges & Lemons remains very tight and prices are high. Pineapples too are creeping up in price. Water Melons are cheaper this week so are a good buy.
Broccoli has doubled in price due to short supply, Cauliflower, Cucumbers and Baby Artichokes are all dearer this week too. Marrows are plentiful now and are a good price. All the English Lettuces remain a good price, as do the Beef Tomatoes. The Wild Mushroom selection is a bit limited this time of year and can be expensive, so you may want to check before ordering. Avocados are in short supply still and the ‘Hass‘  variety is still the best around even though it is a bit pricier.