CSL Market Report 14th July 2015

County Supplies London Market Report 14th July

Apart from a few heated exchanges and a broken toe, the Covent Garden 5-a-side football tournament on Saturday went quite well. So Monday was more about the football than the produce!
Little change on last week, we have some good sized English Savoy Cabbage from Kent, Red/Green Curly Kale and good sized Cauliflowers from Lincolnshire. English Marrows & Courgettes are also around. There is a good selection of English baby Leaves including Baby Kale, Pousse, Rocket and Mixed Leaf – all available in 500g bags. Smoked Garlic has started again and there is some good loose French Corn-on-Cob. Smooth skin Feurte Avocado’s are not ripening well so we’re limited to buying the dearer Hass Variety.
Citrus prices are a problem and prices are rising affecting Oranges, Lemons & Limes. All the English Berries are available and quality is good. Peaches and Nectarines are now in their peak and prices are very reasonable. There are some French Greengages available and even some English Apricots on the market. The best easy peeler is still the Peruvian Satsumas and prices are easing slightly.