CSL Market Report 11th August 2015

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report 11th August 2015

The 12th August known as ‘The Glorious Twelth’ is upon us again, meaning the start of the Grouse shooting season and unfortunately due to bad spring weather it’s not so glorious as there were fewer nesting birds. The start of the shooting season means a menu change for many and a chance to add some seasonal fruits to their savoury menus.
So we have several varieties of English Plums, the first of the English Apples in Discovery, which are great for juicing, if your into your foraging, Elderberries are starting to ripen and there are plenty of Blackberries in the hedgerows.
On the Market there are many good English Brassicas, including Cavalo Nero, Curly Kale and Broccoli that has now eased in price. Purple & Green Kohl Rabi and Purple & Yellow Cauliflower are available. For customers wanting a good chipping Potato, were still buying the Spanish Agria Potatoes until the English New crop has matured in size and skin.
Barlotti Beans are expensive at the moment, so to are Kenyan Fine Beans.
English Cherries
are imminently ending, but all the English Berries are in full flow including Black Currants & BlueberriesLemons & Oranges are still expensive and show no sign of getting cheaper any time soon.