Peaches Are Nice

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Street Food Awards 2014

The finals – that have become an end-of-season institution since the Awards were founded back in 2009 – will also showcase the very best street food talent from across the entire European continent. Last year, the judges invited the top traders from Stockholm, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Berlin to come and compete and they went away with plenty silverware.

But this year, they’re joining forces with the brand spanking new festival For The Love Of Food. The end result will be the biggest (and best) street food carnival the world has ever seen.

The traders will still be cooking up a storm to win the public’s vote in the British Street Food Awards. But they’ll be doing it alongside street food crazy golf, artists at work, vintage caravans on ‘the Yorkshire village green’, robot making, demos with celebrity chefs and street food big wigs, reggae sound systems, live reviews of the newspapers from top journalists at the Independent on Sunday, and one truly AMAZING live music performance.

Entrance to ‘For The Love Of Food’ will include free beer, ‘intercepted’ fruit smoothies, and unlimited vibes.
The street food masters – travelling from as far afield as Stockholm, Stuttgart and Stonebeck Down – will all be doing exclusives to try and impress you. Peacocking it’s called. All YOU need to do is plan the best means of attack, and then vote for your winner.

This year they take place on September 26-28 — in the gracious, architectural Millennium Square, slap bang in the heart of Leeds. It’s the right place for history to happen.

Street food used to be a cool, skinny-trousered thing that you only found in the coolest parts of East London. Not any more. On this sceptered isle of ours, it’s everywhere.

Seedless Mangoes

The Sindhu mango – so named because Gunjate’s breeding program happened in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra – is a finely textured, juicy fruit with a rich, sweet and distinctive flavor at maturity.

What sets it apart from other varieties is the fact that it is virtually seedless – although it is referred to as being seedless in general terms – and is a hybrid of Alphonso, largely considered to be the best Indian mango, and another variety Ratna.

Doctor Ramchandram Gunjate, who has been working on a hybridization program for around 15 years said “Developing a new variety is a long-term process it takes about 12 to 15 years to release one variety, if you are lucky”.