Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 24th January 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – January 24th 2017

Doom and gloom! No, not Donald Trump being President or  even Teresa May working out Brexit……, No,No,No, the big problem is the price of salads & vegetables!

Not for as long as I can remember have so many lines been in such short supply for such a long period. In case you’ve been hiding in a cupboard for the last few weeks the price of Aubergines, Courgettes, Peppers & Tomatoes have gone up exponentially week on week, so not just a little. Growers have had to cancel contract prices as there simply isn’t enough produce to fulfil them. Now you can add Pousse, all Lettuces, Rocket, Cucumbers & Celery to that list. Broccoli is still dear but looks like it may ease in the next week. English Cauliflowers are not too bad in price in comparison. A popular niche vegetable at the moment is Purple flowering Sprouts, a cross-breed of Kale and Brussels sprouts, sometimes known as ‘kalette’, have been around since their introduction to Marks and Spencer in 2010. All Root Vegetables are reasonable, so too is Butternut Squash & Jerusalem Artichokes. English Primo Cabbage, January King & Spring Green should not be overlooked as an alternative.

English Forced Rhubarb is still pricey. English Braeburn Apples are very good, so to are the English Conference Pears but supplies are tightening up. Spanish Strawberries are reasonable and eat quite well, so too are Blueberries. Raspberries & Blackberries remain expensive. We’re still buying Clementines but will shortly switch to Nardacots. Galia & Canteloupe Melons are a little easier this week. Give Peaches & Nectarines a miss as they don’t each very well at all.

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 13th January 2017

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – January 13th 2017

Unfortunately the weather across Europe has led to massive shortages of fresh produce. In December around the Murcia area in Spain they had the equivalent of rain that London has in  6 months, in 1 week! This led to a combined of loss of around 5 million heads of lettuce, some were replanted but a lot will not be. Add the current unusual snow and cold weather in Greece, Italy and Spain across mainland Europe and we are left with shortages and very high prices. In this ‘Force Majeure’ situation major fixed priced contracts have had to be cancelled.

Consequently the price of Aubergines, Tomatoes, Courgettes, Peppers, Cauliflowers, Leeks & Broccoli are very expensive. All Lettuces are creeping up in price too as the current stock thins out. This will last several weeks and maybe longer and is dependant on the weather. We’re told that in about 2 weeks all Spanish Dill, Mint & Coriander will be almost non-existent. On a separate note, good Chipping Potatoes are getting harder to find and rising in price weekly. English January King Cabbage is available so too is Variegated/Purple Kale. 

There are some South African Apricots are around, Nectarine & Peaches too. Blood Oranges have started but are not very ‘bloody’, ideally you’ll need another week at least before they come a better colour. Despite the weather Spanish Strawberries a reasonably priced and so too are Peruvian Blueberries. Clementines are coming to an end, so we will have to move onto Nardacotts soon. English forced Rhubarb is very good, but is still pricey.