Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – 2nd December 2016

Fruit & Vegetable Market Report – December 2nd 2016

It’s certainly a cold start to December and as yet it hasn’t caused any major upsets. Heavy rain in Spain has caused a few problems though and some Herbs and young salads have been washed away and needed replanting. Aubergines remain very expensive and may even get dearer, Yellow Courgettes are the same. Peppers remain about the same and may go cheaper as there seems to be a lot around. Brussels Sprouts are in short supply and are pricier than usual for this time of year. There are Brussels Tops and some Purple Brussels Sprouts available but on stalks only at the moment. Cauliflowers remain expensive but Broccoli is more reasonable and English Leeks are still a good Buy. We’re currently buying some lovely Jerusalem Artichokes from  D & J Hayward from Wilts and are highly recommended.

Cherry Tomatoes are probably the best value in Tomatoes as the rest have all gone dearer, however there is Moroccan started so it should mute any further price rises and hopefully bring them down.

There is plenty of Leafy Clementines around, the Spanish is the best value but I would say the best ones are the Italian, but you pay a premium. Strawberries are easing in price now that there is more available as Israeli & Egyptian have started , Blackberries are dearer but Raspberries are about the same. Figs are cheaper this week and SA Black grapes have started so the price should ease. Cherries are still a horrendous price and not the best and there is still no Apricots available. The Plums are limited at the moment and we’ve found that the best one is the crisp Italian ‘Angelona’ variety to come out tops.